Meat and potatoes

I read a post by sewaholic here which really struck a cord. Too much frosting – fun, frivolous sewing- and not enough cake-solid staples. Hand up here. Definitely guilty. But even cake is too yummy a description for the uninspiring basics of children’s sewing. It’s less cake, more meat and potatoes. Essential, needed but basically it’s something you need to get through before the fun stuff starts.

So Elsa has wardrobe full of fun dresses and I put her to bed at night in PJs that stop above her ankle. Easy enough to fix. All I need is the motivation.

Eventually it was the score of some lovely vintage flannel sheets at the Op shop that spurred me into action. I used the Sew Liberated Basic Pocket Pants pattern from the book ‘Growing up Sew Liberated’ which I’m delighted to find my library has. I know you don’t need pockets in pyjamas but the pattern was traced and ready to go and I was unlikely to use it for daytime pants. I deliberately made them a bit long and made two identical pairs. It puts off the time when meat and potatoes come around again.

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