It started with the arms…

I had the arms of this top already as I’d decided aginst them for the top shown in the previous post. That decided the pattern – had to be Quiala. I thought the colours were good enough to go with the Kim trousers but once it was made up I wasn’t so sure, so ended up making a skirt too!

The skirt is a modified version of the A-line gored skirt from the Modkids book. I added some box pleats in contrasting fabric. I wanted something that looked like the new pattern ‘Amilia’ from Frau Liebstes and thought I could wing it.

Fabric from Crafty mamas.

Patterns: Farbenmix Quiala, Modkids A-Line gored skirt
Embroidery: Tausendschones, Huups



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