Farbenmix Marilux for me

Farbenmix Mariluz made from an old brown woolen blanket. This project has been a long time in the making. Mainly because I really needed a coat for all this cold wet weather we’ve been having and I kept stealing it off the maniquin each morning to wear to work. I wasn’t sure if I could rock this style but that’s the least of my thoughts on a cold morning!

Eventually today I found the time to add the buttons. I think I’ve been avoiding it. I often do with buttons.

Made out of an Op Shop blanket and some deep red velvet ribbon. Mick tells me it looks like a Chinese Emperor. I kinda think Cossack. Wasn’t intentional.

It’s plenty roomy for a jumper underneath and cosy as. The only modification to the 158/164 size (I’m 161) was to add pockets. Can’t have a coat without pockets. I added them fairly low so as not to spoil the line. Lining is a beautiful thick red and gold chinese print satin which makes it a dream to slip on and off and provides a nice surprise on the inside.

Pattern: Farbenmix Mariluz

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