Farbenmix Roberta

I’ve wanted to make these trousers for such a long time. They just ooze style with their twisted leg design. Never been so sure about the apron bit and, turns out, neither is Elsa.
I couldn’t say no when Crafty Mamas had Roberta on sale (What were you thinking of?)
It’s fast coming to the end of Winter here. The days are getting longer and I realised time was running out.

The real reason for these trousers, however, was discovering a denim sale at the local Fabric Barn and scoring this awesome soft, tie-dyed, embroidered denim. ┬áIt was love at first sight and everything else just fell into place. I’m a bit worried they’ve ended up a bit stars and stripes but, hey, we’re beyond the 4th July.

We went for the slim version – thoughtfully the pattern comes in two versions- based on Elsa’s sizes and the 110-116 size even though she’s now 113cm. Gives me an excuse to make another pair next year!

I followed a tip from Liesl Gibson here. She suggested sewing a few seams each night and leaving the next seam prepared for the next day. Worked a charm.

Top is Farbenmix Quiara blogged here.

Pattern: Farbenmix Roberta
Embroidery: Huups.
Ribbons: Farbenmix


Little Ballerina

What little girl doesn’t want to be a ballerina and Elsa is no exception. She does ballet in a very informal way and if truth be told it’s more about the dressing up than anything else.

We had to watch a video on YouTube to work out how to do a bun and it was finished with a flower hair accessory that Elsa fell in love with. Well more like obsession than love. If it was a person she’d have stalked it.

Eventually we went to the local dance shop to ask about them. We were shown this pale imitation of the one we’d seen on the internet done in bronze and brown colour tones. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more disapppointed girl. And she wanted $45 to boot.

Off we went to the local Emporium and bought some florist wire, a few fabric flowers and some florist tape and here’s Elsa’s new hair do. She was so happy she wanted to wear it to bed.

Total cost $8. And it’s pink.