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Much excitement. Crafty Mamas has yet another new pattern out. The very flattering and feminine Lovely Layers dress/tunic.
I could have calmly and collectedly considered which fabric choice was ultimately the best match for my wardrobe, made a muslin in cheaper stuff and ironed out creases with the fit. I could have done. Instead I piled in boots and all. Cut up one of my fave fabrics and just got going as soon as I had a chance.
I went with the red Metallicus fabric I bought from Global fabrics while we were in Wellington a while back. Lovely drape and stretch. A good choice for this pattern, really.

I went for the dress length and used my current fave embroidery. You noticed did you?

It’s on the hood too but didn’t get a shot of that.This is as good as it gets:

A fun pattern or what?

Pattern: Crafty Mamas Lovely Layers
Embroidery: Urban Threads Mendhika

Warmest, Suzie.


3 thoughts on “More Crafty Mama creativity

  1. I think really suits a fabric with some drape but seen it made in firmer stuff and still looks good. It takes less fabric than the pattern suggests, too.

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