Hat No.1

Here’s the first hat I made. An Oliver and S bucket hat. A free pattern from their website available here. I actually traced the large size from the Little Things To Sew book by Liesl Gibson that I got out of the library. Why that is impotant will become apparent later…

I allowed Elsa to pick the fabrics. Of course she went straight for some of the more expensive ones on the shelf – some goeous Hilco poplin from Crafty Mamas.

Here it is:

Unfortunately it’s a bit too big. So we decided to make another one….

Leave your hat on

Ok, I’m inspired. Summer is round the corner. Last years hats are too small. I *need* to make some new hats for the kids. Then I saw this sew along and I’m all fired up.
Well maybe a bit too fired up because I went and made a hat last weekend. A beautiful hat in some of my fave fabrics. But did I measure her head first? Oh no! Mainly because that would have come with a risk of waking her up so I just dived in and made for the correct age.
Maybe it will fit next year! Onwards and upwards we are going to try again.
Will post the photos soon…..

More Crafty Mama creativity


Much excitement. Crafty Mamas has yet another new pattern out. The very flattering and feminine Lovely Layers dress/tunic.
I could have calmly and collectedly considered which fabric choice was ultimately the best match for my wardrobe, made a muslin in cheaper stuff and ironed out creases with the fit. I could have done. Instead I piled in boots and all. Cut up one of my fave fabrics and just got going as soon as I had a chance.
I went with the red Metallicus fabric I bought from Global fabrics while we were in Wellington a while back. Lovely drape and stretch. A good choice for this pattern, really.

I went for the dress length and used my current fave embroidery. You noticed did you?

It’s on the hood too but didn’t get a shot of that.This is as good as it gets:

A fun pattern or what?

Pattern: Crafty Mamas Lovely Layers
Embroidery: Urban Threads Mendhika

Warmest, Suzie.