Farbenmix Svenja

Feeling like I’ve gone back to my roots and rediscovered Farbenmix again! Loved making this T shirt dress and adding all the extras. It’s so much fun balancing the colours and shapes.

Elsa gives it a thumbs up because it’s so comfy to wear but it’s a little on the wide side which is weird because the last Svenja I made her was always slim fitting.

Not the best photos I’m afraid but I guess you get the idea that it doesn’t restrict movement at all…

Pattern: Farbenmix Svenja
Fabric: Hilco Vivi Ete for the arms and Campan for the neckline.
Embroidery: Milli in Love



T shirt parade

First off the mill is Farbenmix Antonia in Hilco Vivi Ete and Campan with Milli embroidery from Tausendschoenes.

and the back:

I also made a Farbenmix Fano in Hilco Campan and Crafty Mamas Sweet Things fabric also with embroidery from Tausendschoenes:

It’s great that the weather was good enough that she could wear this today but reminds me that I need to get a move on with making her summer clothes – the weather is starting to warm up, for sure.

So, did you notice the coverstitch hems??! I’m so excited.

Patterns: Farbenmix Fano and Antonia.
Embroidery: Tausendschoenes ‘Milli in Love’


Sailboat sewing

Here’s my next pattern from Oliver +s. Another one scissor pattern so another easy one. I’ve only actually got one three sissor pattern so wondering how that will be.

I went for more red and turquoise but not so pleased with the results here. Just doesn’t look quite right to me. The fit of the clothes isn’t too hot either. The top is so slim fitting that she needs help getting it on and off so can see that’s going to be a barrier to wearing. Once it’s on it fits fine and I really like the neckline and the hem facing detail. Quick and easy to make too. Can see lots of opportunities to embellish and have fun with this pattern. The pants however are not grabbing me. I was expecting cute capris but they are so baggy they look shapeless. I went for a size 6 when she’s 5 1/2 so maybe they will look better next year. The age 5 seashore dress I made is only just big enough and I can see will probably not last the summer so wanted to be sure I got my money’s worth. I read somewhere on the net that the size ran small, too, but they must have been referring to the top I guess. For the time and effort I’d much rather make Farbenmix Nonita which has a similar waistline.

Oh, and I added some self drafted pockets.

The photos were the best I could get before she headed off to school with the remains of her breakfast dribbled down her front.

Pattern: Oliver + s Sailboat pants and top.
Fabric: Spotlight
Embroidery: Huups
Ribbon: Smilas world