Flowers and polka dots

This is my next item for the KCWC. There’s no way I’m going to get through all the things I hoped to but at least some things are crossed off the list.

This is Oliver and S patterns seashore sundress. I feel more than a little disloyal since I’m really a Farbenmix girl through and through. I bought a few of the Oliver and S patterns because I saw them described as being like a taking a course in sewing and since we live so rurally attending a course is really difficult and the on line ones are quite expensive. Did I say I bought a few? Well, maybe a little more than a few…..I got a good deal, OK?

Even though I was trying a O&S pattern I still wanted to stay with the Euro look that I really love but decided to pass on the embroidery as both the fabrics are pretty busy. As I was sewing Elsa was sitting on the bed strumming the guitar and singing “Flowers and polka dots is all I love to wear..”. Flowers and Polka dots it was.Not the best photos, just had to follow her around the garden as she chatted to her friend!

Pattern: Oliver +s Seashore Sundress. Size 5 with size 6 length. Should have made a 6.
Fabrics: Riley Blake Sugar and spice & Polytex flowers


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