Flowers and polka dots

This is my next item for the KCWC. There’s no way I’m going to get through all the things I hoped to but at least some things are crossed off the list.

This is Oliver and S patterns seashore sundress. I feel more than a little disloyal since I’m really a Farbenmix girl through and through. I bought a few of the Oliver and S patterns because I saw them described as being like a taking a course in sewing and since we live so rurally attending a course is really difficult and the on line ones are quite expensive. Did I say I bought a few? Well, maybe a little more than a few…..I got a good deal, OK?

Even though I was trying a O&S pattern I still wanted to stay with the Euro look that I really love but decided to pass on the embroidery as both the fabrics are pretty busy. As I was sewing Elsa was sitting on the bed strumming the guitar and singing “Flowers and polka dots is all I love to wear..”. Flowers and Polka dots it was.Not the best photos, just had to follow her around the garden as she chatted to her friend!

Pattern: Oliver +s Seashore Sundress. Size 5 with size 6 length. Should have made a 6.
Fabrics: Riley Blake Sugar and spice & Polytex flowers


And here she is…

There’s so many times I’ve meant to get photos of Elsa wearing her new clothes and just haven’t managed it but today we had a photo shoot and caught up on some recent makes.

First up there’s the new Elodie:

This was so much fun. I love the way the photos reflect her whimsy and humour. She is such a quirky, fun character.

Here’s the recent Halima:

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed making them.


Another Elodie

As summer is fast approaching and Elsa has grown, grown, grown I thought I’d better make her another version of her fave dress. She loves her Farbenmix Elodie which just happens to be the twirliest dress ever invented. I’ve also signed up for KCWC at Elsie marley and this is a bit of a cheat as it was mostly finished. I’m seriously going to have to make up some time!

I can’t find a pic of her old one just at the moment but here’s some I’ve made for friends kids over the past little while:


There’s just one problem with Elsa’s dress and that is that she complains that the gathering over the shoulders and neckline is itchy and insists on wearing a top underneath. I thought I’d be clever and make a fully lined version but was distressed to find that while there are three version tutorials available from Farbenmix none of them have the peasant sleeve that we like AND are fully lined.
I was sure it was possible and fell asleep thinking about it for a few nights in a row before working out how it could be done.

Here’s our latest version.

I thought I might make a tutorial of how it was done. What do you think?

Pattern: farbenmixx Elodie
Fabric: Spotlight