Jupe a volants

Jupe a volants is a free skirt tutorial in French from independent french pattern making company Papillon et Mandarin available here. It’s a lovely pattern although I feel it runs a little on the small side. I made a size 8 for my 5 year old. Maybe French five year olds are as slender as their grown up counterparts?

I had this remnant of Hamburger Liebe from Carfty Mamas but turns out that the pattern recommendations for required fabric is a bit of an underestimate. Thought that it was unlikely to need only 55cm but lived in hope! I could have made the last layer in four pieces but chickened out. I do like it but wish I had gone with three layers in the same fabric.

jupe skirt

Pattern: Jupe a volants. Papillon et Mandarin
Fabric: Hamburger Liebe and local.
Embroidery: Huups and Stickbaer




Crafty Mamas “Away with the pixies”

Crafty Mama Lisa has done it again! Just look at this gorgeous dress with so many cool features. I can’t decide if I love the long hood or the angel sleeves better. So unique and full of cuteness. I can see so many possibilities – winter princess dresses, summer coverups, or even (my personal fave and I so plan to do next winter….) customising to make a Katwise like coat out of recycled jumpers.

I made the long sleeve version and a bit longer than tunic length but not quite knee length. Don’t ask me why. That’s the awesome thing about this pattern, there’s so many options!

Pattern: Crafty Mamas “Away with the pixies”
Fabric: Stenzo
Ribbon: Farbenmix olive paisley
Embroidery: Milli in love.

I’ll be back with modelled pics soon!