4 thoughts on “Pixies in my garden

  1. That’s so lovely to hear. I was having serious doubts about this dress as I was making it but think it came together well in the end. Somehow the embroidery brought it all together for me.

  2. So cute! And so funny too. When my girls were little, I would have to sometimes bribe them with something just to get them to put something on that I had made. I wanted that picture to send out to family (that was long before I ever had a blog). They were young enough where an M&M was delightful to them.

  3. I’m sure we are not the first to resort to bribes to get our kids to wear our creations! Seems crazy to have to do it, though.
    She did come round at this photoshoot and was quite into being a pixie by the end of it.

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