Birthday Party Dress

Well, by crikey, I do seem to have had another blog pause. It’s been hectic busy over here with holidays and vistors and whatnot. The weather has just been stunningly beautiful and the water and the beach have just been too tempting. I honestly have had not a minute to sew since before Chritsmas.

Did I mention camping and tramping ( NZ for hiking) and snorkeling and kayaking and cycling? Sigh. It’s been a fantastic summer and I was loath to see the kids head back to school.

I’d hardly thought about sewing until a family at the kids’ school announced that they were about to be posted to Tokelau and will be gone for two years. The idea to make a dress for each girl ( there are four) popped into my head and before I knew it patterns and fabrics were going in all directions!

Here’s the first dress for four year old Annabel – it’s a Birthday Party Dress from Oliver and S. I chose the fabric quickly thinking that it was perfect for a Pacific Island.














In retrospect I think the pattern is too busy to show the details of the dress well. I edge stitched the pleats in the front as I pitied anyone trying to iron them correctly but think it may affect the fall of the dress.














When I was making this dress my daughter commented: “Why are you making a dress for Annabel? She doesn’t wear clothes!” That really made me laugh because she is quite right. Annabell spends as much of her day naked as she is allowed. However attendance at church is not optional in Tokelau and she will, I am sure, be expected to wear clothes so hopefully it will come in handy anyway!

I tried to make the internal seams as soft and gentle as possible for a child who is unused to clothing so went with french seams and bias bound facings. Hopefully it will be appreciated!