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Here’s the final installments of the dress-a-thon for my friend who has moved with her family of four girls to Tokelau. I have continued with the Oliver + s patterns and hope that they fit OK.

For the 8 year old I made a Badminton skort and top. I have always been intrigued by how this top is made so quite enjoyed having the secret revealed. Quite clever really and whilst fiddly not as difficult as I had imagined. I went with cool green colours as this girl is not a pink and frilly type.















I had no coordinating green ribbon so went with a contrasting blue. Should have definitely done some ironing but I was just about to package them of for a boat journey so couldn’t bring myself to!











This is the skort. I would like it fuller I think but that’s hard to modify because of the scalloped hem. I’m hoping I get to see a photo of it worn to assess this.














I had no coordinating poplin so I cut up an old bedsheet for the skort. Please don’t tell!


For the older sister I used the Seashore sundress pattern I have made before. I wanted to make this more grown up so went with a mature colour. I hope it is appreciated and I didn’t go too far. I couldn’t resist however sneaking a little decoration with decorative stitching and a little ribbon tag. The colour of this matches better in real life. Honest.


















































Here’s the three dresses I have to post all together. One was already given before they left.


I hope they are liked and appreciated.


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