Winter tops

So next on the sewing list was some new jumpers for Elsa. She has a habit of leaving these all around the place so all her jumpers/cardies from last year are either too small, in tatters or missing in action.
The mission was create some new warm layers but at minimal cost because I just know they will probably be re-homed before the winter is out.

Up first is a jumper made from a ladies merino top I snaffled at the second hand shop. I love merino. So light yet warm as toast and very washing machine friendly.
It was always too short for me but the length was perfect for Elsa so I was able to reuse the existing hemline. Yay! Unfortunately it was wonky. Boo! I shall feel the need to point out to anyone who will listen that I am NOT responsible for the wavy hemline!

The pink crown was a gift from the lovely Lisa at Crafty Mamas.















Pattern: A mishmash between Farbenmix Bea and Farbenmix Svenja.
Fabric: Repurposed merino sweater.

And wait, there’s more. I was on a roll so made a second jumper, this time from some sweatshirting/french terry fabric from the Op shop. Bought for $2. Score!















Fushia and green. Yummy deep winter colours. I had to restrain myself on this one. I was in love with the ‘dinosaur spines’ along the armsand kept wanting to add more embroidery because I was loving the colour combo so much. Here’s a close up:










And could I just draw your attention to the stripe matching. Much air fist pumping, I tell you.












Embroidery is Huups Mandala flowers, Huups Glitzerblumen and Stickbaer flowers.













Pattern: Farbenmix Bea
Fabric: Op shop special
Embroidery: Huups Mandala flowers/ Glitzerblumen and stickbaer flowers.
Ribbons: Farbenmix/op shop.

And the two together:















Now we can play at winter.

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