Farbenmix Arwen

Since Elsa seems to be growing at an astonishing rate and winter is arriving with just as much speed I thought she needed a new ‘special’ dress. Not least because that’s one of the things I love to sew the most!

I have made Farbenmix Arwen before but gave it away as a present to a friend of Elsa’s for her birthday. Elsa seriously coveted that dress and I told her I would make her one too. Unfortunately she had to wait a year before it happened! Here’s the original dress:

I cut into one of my most prized fabrics for the new Arwen. A beautiful Hilco cotton velvet bought from Crafty Mamas.
I imagine the jersey underdress will get more use but I love the fact that they can be worn together or separately. Somehow a Farbenmix Antonia jumped into the mix. Mainly because I couldn’t decide which fabrics matched best, so I made up both.

Here’s the overdress:















I didn’t add much except a few trims in velvet and cotton crochet. It probably deserved fancier buttons than it’s ended up with but the selection in the shop we visited was a little limited.

Here’s the Antonia:














And here’s them worn together:













I also made the underdress with a trial at colour blocking:















And the back:















I think the idea of colour blocking is to keep it simple and let the colours grab the attention but I couldn’t resist adding trims and embroidery plus some decorative stitching!

























Here’s the underdress and overdress together:















Which combination do you prefer?

Pattern: Farbenmix Arwen/Antonia
Fabrics: Hilco cotton velvet and cotton lycra/hilco campan.
Embroideries: Huups freebies




6 thoughts on “Farbenmix Arwen

  1. Really gorgeous Suzie. They stand alone well.
    The embroideries should not be covered up!
    I love the stripes with the Arwen. 🙂

    • She wore them together tonight but was very keen to take the overdress off at some point in the evening as she was getting dressed. She forgot of course later on but it was cute that she was keen for everyone to see the pretty flowers.
      The campan stripes are so dreamily soft I do love it too.

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