Basics for KCW

I can’t get used to KCW rather than KCWC. I’m kinda attached to that last C. I guess it will filter in with time.
Anyhow. I got started early on my KCW as it happens to have fallen during the school holidays and my hope of getting much done once the kids are off school is small, to say the least. So I’ve been having my own little sewing party for one the last few days.
When I thought about what I was going to do, I’d hardly describe it as planning, I had a look at Elsa’s wardrobe and decided she really needed winter basics. She’s sprouted in the last little while and her winter clothes from last year are looking woefully small. Plus most of her well loved leggings look like this now:

Pretty sad, eh?
And I’ll let you into a bit of a secret. Here in the north of New Zealand we ‘play’ at winter. We all wear our boots and hats and light our fires because that’s what you do. But actually it’s very mild. The kids still frequently go to school without shoes (and even more frequently come home without them).
So tights just don’t cut it. There’s nothing more yuck than soggy, muddy feet from the school field and so leggings is Elsa’s winter staple.

Out came the trusty Studio tantrum Laguna leggings pattern. Note to self: must get around to making the skirt pattern someday soon. And so, Ladies and gentlemen, we have not ONE, not TWO but THREE new pairs of leggings for your perusal and pleasure.


























Pink *and* purple. Elsa’s happy.
Warm legs. Mummy’s happy.

Pattern: Studio Tantrum/Farbenmix Laguna
Fabrics: Op shop pink spots (awesome fabric with great recovery), Crafty Mamas Stella, repurposed t shirt.


Oliver + s Hopscotch Dress

There’s nothing Elsa appreciates more than a knit dress. Easy to get on and off, light and comfortable to wear.There’s no better way to get into my daughter’s wardrobe.

The Hopscotch dress was actually the first Oliver + s pattern that I bought but somehow it was overlooked until now. It’s a perfect winter dress. Enough interesting details to make it, well, interesting but simple and not so full that there’s loads of fabric getting in the way but not so tight that you can’t still climb trees as she amply demonstarted tonight.

I decided to ‘Farbenmix’ it up a bit and used some of my Euro fabric for the arms. The purple is a lovely cotton/elastane mix bought for a $1.50 from the remnant bin. I love remnant bins!















The embroidery is from Tinimi and I’ve had it for ages. It’s one of the first embroidery sets I ever bought but I’ve never used this file before. I thought the the owl/tree combo was perfect to go with the green fabric which has little owls and trees in it.
















I added a little ribbon to the other side just for another splash of green.
















Elsa loves it and insisted on wearing it out tonight. Yay!

Pattern: Oliver + s Hopscotch dress
Fabric: Janeas world Funky Paradise/Local
Embroidery: Tinimi Eulen



Farbenmix Xater

This is a Farbenmix Xater, narrow vesion made in cotton lycra for the friend of my daughter.

I made him this shirt for his birthday last year from the Farbenmix Xater pattern because he’s a big fan of superheroes.


He wore it so much it is looking quite tatty now.

I couldn’t resist when he came running up to me in the playground the other day to say it was his birthday again soon and could he have a Lego Alien Conquest T shirt this year, please.
Turned out it was a bit tricky. No embroidery to buy on line so had to make it up with some applique. Would love to have a Silhouette Cameo to make the words in the correct font….
His Mum made a simplified drawing with him of what he wanted.
Anyway, here it is. Size 134/140 with no modifications.





























Pattern: Farbenmix Xater