Another Feliz

This is the second Feliz I promised to make for my friends other daughter. It’s been crazy busy round here but I’m so pleased I have managed to squeeze in making this dress.

Her birthday is the Fourth of July so we decided to go with a red, white and blue theme. I’m no flag waver but it’s a classic combination and makes a lovely, mature dress for a slightly older girl.

Another dull day but this dress needs to go to it’s new owner and I had to grab whatever opportunity I could between the showers.
The overdress is a genuine Farbenmix fabric I bought off Trademe. I have one more metre and would love to try to make an Elodie for Elsa for summer.

I saw this technique of combining bias binding and ricrac on another blog, I forget where, and really wanted to try it out. I did it by sewing a guiding line for the ricrac, then sewing on the ricrac with a straight stitch then putting the bias binding as usual. The ricrac ended up a little high in one spot so I covered it with the ribbon/button feature you can see at the hem. It is something often done on french blogs so must be ‘de rigeuer’!
Umm. Yeah. I went a little ricrac crazy.

I’m kind of wishing that I’d used the matching Miss Liber-T ribbon on the front as well. I do like the stripes, however, and am pleased how they pick up on the stripes in the stars.I used some of the matching ribbon on the back over the top ruffle.

The back is a gorgeous soft, buttery poplin which was on sale at Spotlight. I’m definitely going back for more of this, it is delightful.
I rounded the edges of the overdress side pieces to make the ricrac application easier but I also like the effect.

I like how the matching ribbon ties the overdress to the underdress.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this dress. I think it hits a good balance between being girly enough yet has a little more maturity to it. It’s going to be interesting hitting this balance right for Elsa as she gets older.

Do you have older girls you sew for? How do you mange it or plan to approach it?

Pattern: Farbenmix/Studio Tantrum Feliz
Fabric: Farbenmix Miss Liber-T/spotlight.


A few poor quality modelled shots

I’ve been really struggling to get some modelled shots of my clothes. I do most of my sewing while the kids are at school or after they have gone to bed and I just haven’t got in the mode of carrying the camera around with me.

Life gets so busy and before I know it things have stains down the front orĀ  are all crumpled after their second wash and it’s all too hard.

Today we had a little spare time and Elsa’s friend from next door came around. They styled the shots themselves. I would never have chosen the spotted red tights but they look super cute. Not sure about the princess tiara, however.


















The light wasn’t that great and there was a lot of goofing.


We did manage a change in costume.