Farbenmix Klein Fohr

Well look how big my boy is getting. He’s wearing a small adult T shirt! The great Farbenmix Klein Fohr pattern I’ve used a few times before. I think I actually haven’t blogged about them, however. Emm. Will need to remedy that!

We had a beautiful day at the beach today. The second day of winter and it was T shirt weather. Elsa was keen to get in the sea and disappointed I hadn’t taken her togs. We sandboarded down the dunes, built sandcastles, tried to catch crabs in rock pools and had a picnic. I think I was forgiven.

Elsa wore her Jupe a Volants skirt and Laguna leggings:

Happy kids.


6 thoughts on “Farbenmix Klein Fohr

  1. Lovely photos! Did you put the guitar on the t-shirt with your embroidery machine? I have to get me one. Just love the skirt and leggings; the fabric is so pretty. I really need to start making leggings. Having 2 girls, we never have enough it seems. Do you make a casing for the elastic or sew the elastic to the fabric? I tried sewing the elastic to the fabric once and made a mess. I guess it takes practice.
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  2. Hi Shirley!
    Yes the guitar came from Urban Threads. they have some awesome designs. Finding the Janome hoop size is a bit restricting on size for his age now his clothes are bigger!
    Leggings are a very satisfying quick sew. The laguna pattern is great but I think there are lots of good paterns out there. I’ve trialled lots of different ways of adding the waistband and noe use the technique where you sew the elastic to the top of the leggings then turn under and sew down. The elastic doesn’t twist and it’s neater on the inside. Good luck!
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    • Thanks for your comment. It was such a fabulous day for photos – I could hardly fail to get some good shots. I do think they are a handsome pair but I am a little biased.
      I find sewing for a boys less enticing but Lucas appreciates it so much I keep trying to get more into it!

  3. I am so excited that you commented on my Yelena post! I have used your photos as inspiration and to help me teach my brain to think in Farbenmix, if you will. Love your creations!

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