Oliver+s Ice cream blouse

Here’s the next instalment of things I made a few months ago! I feel a little guilty posting something I made ages ago but not quite sure why.

I had an grand ideas of making Elsa a gorgeous designer-esque co-ordinated summer wardrobe. It was going to be pastels with loose floaty blouses and basic solid coloured go-with-anything bottoms. I got a certain way towards that goal as you will see in the next few posts but it was a long way from the extensive mix and match closet I had in my head!

Oddly enough I have had ideas of making a co ordinated winter wardrobe dancing through my head recently so maybe I’ll never learn.

The first ‘loose floaty blouse’ I made was the Oliver+s Ice cream blouse. Based on Elsa’s measurements I went with a size 5 and a size 7 length. It fits but I think it looks like it’s a bit small on her and I wish I’d gone with a size 6 or even 7 width.

Here it is with the class picnic shorts I’ve already shown you:















And here with a Frothy skirt from Make It Perfect. It’s a bargain $3 PDF download but I discovered almost as soon as I bought it I had a very similar pattern in one of my underused Ottobre magazines. Oh well. Inspired by this dress on the Oliver+s blog I wanted to make it double layered with a floaty organza layer over cotton. I thought the bubble skirt would help with the issue of hating heming organza but not sure it works that well. The organza has a gold metallicsheen to it so Elsa likes it very much.















I did actually manage to get some modelled shots. She wearing it here with some 3/4 Laguna leggings made in a ridiculously thin cotton lycra knit. Not the best choice for leggings, unfortunately. Spray starch was my best friend. But talking about these I remembered I made a Hopscotch top in the same fabric which missed being photographed. It’ll probably have stains all down the front of it by now!


Looks like her ballet classes are paying off, eh?!

Patterns: Oliver+s Ice cream top, Oliver+s Class Picnic shorts, Make It Perfect Frothy Skirt.
Fabric: Spotlight Japanese Lawn, Denim, Polyester Organza/recycled bedsheet.



4 thoughts on “Oliver+s Ice cream blouse

  1. Such beautiful clothes!!!!! I’ve made the ice cream dress but forgot that I could just make the top. There is a lot of snow on the ground where I am but your beautiful clothes are making me look forward to spring.
    Christine recently posted…Slow and SteadyMy Profile

  2. Funnily enough I always think of it as a blouse and have never made a dress! I’m being to turn my thoughts towards winter sewing even though it’s still very warm and summer like here. Summer lasts until March or April and Winter is really very mild. The kids think they would like to live somewhere where it snows but I think they just have romantic notions of what it would be like and fancy the odd day off school to boot!
    suzie recently posted…Oliver+s Ice cream blouseMy Profile

  3. I’m so pleased to hear that you have been having a milder winter. Family in the UK have been having some major storms and the US has been having a dreadful time weather wise. Makes me almost feel guilty for enjoying our gorgeous sunny climate!
    suzie recently posted…Oliver+s Ice cream blouseMy Profile

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