Clever Charlotte Finch Top

As an experiment I bought some scraps of Nano Iro double guaze on Trademe ( the New Zealand equivalent of Ebay). They were a bit pricey given how little fabric was contained but I was curious to try some double guaze without going to the huge expense of importing it.

Needless to say it is dreamy to sew with. Frays like crazy and a total nightmare to unpick but so soft and light as air.













It co-ordinated really well with the brown/purple linen I used for the Class Picnic shorts.

I decided to make a Clever Charlotte Finch top since I’ve made the shorts a few times and Elsa is going to grow out of this pattern soon. How dare she turn 7! How on earth could that be!?

I couldn’t have made a more silly decision. The Finch top is reversible and even though I used some lovely sofy pink linen on the back, lining the double guaze lost all the ‘light as air’ qualities I was just raving about. Mistake number 1.
















I also realised after cutting out a few pieces that I actually didn’t have quite enough and ended up having to piece the front – hiding it with a ribbon. Mistake number 2.

I then tried to make a buttonhole which was different colours on each side. Mistake number 3.

I’m not suprised Elsa has never chosen to wear this top. I don’t think I would either if it was in my wardrobe. Insert unhappy icon here.


4 thoughts on “Clever Charlotte Finch Top

  1. With all the trouble you had, it turned out cute as could be still! I have made plenty that never gets worn by my girls. What we go through with sewing for our children! LOL

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Shirley! On the whole Elsa is great at wearing what I make. She has made the shiftfrom pink and now sees it as babyish so that might explain it, too! Sometimes I feel like like I’m half crazy to keep trying.

      • I hear you! Now I just try to focus only on what my girls want. If I do what I like or think that will look cute on them, it will most likely stay in the closet. On the other hand, my son will wear everything!
        Shirley recently posted…Two Quilt BlocksMy Profile

  2. Lucas is just as supportive. He told me the other day that he loves having and using things I’ve made for him. Exactly the same as your boy!
    I tried getting Elsa to ‘design’ something and tried to copy exactly what she’d drawn. It’s never left the wardrobe! I must blog about it one day….
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