Oliver+s Croquet dress

Well, I seem to have got away with the last rip off dress so I thought I’d throw this next one out there, too and see whether this one will have someone ringing the lawyers!

You see it all started with this post on the Oliver+s blog. I became scarily obsessive about this dress in particular.


I loved it. The croquet dress, even though I have the pattern, has never been my top fave. I just don’t dig that droppped waist. I’ve have learned by now though that even if the Oliver+s patterns don’t grab me at first sight, if I don’t buy them, I’ll regret it! Either someone will post a version on the flickr group or Liesl will do a customisation on the blog or I’ll make it up and fall totally in love with the construction method or the finished item on my kids.

I made other things but this dress kept haunting me and nagged to be made. As previously mentioned, orange isn’t the top fave in this house so at least that was changed. And I’m not ready to dress my 7 year in silk as yet. I wanted an everyday dress to wear to school. Plus silk scares me.

Here’s my version:

Yes, purple. I’ve actually being properly SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) for Elsa this winter and purple and navy is the theme. I’m planning to do another blog post about that, however.

I extended the A-line shape as Liesl suggested and cheated a bit by copying the lines of the School photo dress. I added a full lining as this is meant to be a transitional item to Autumn. I also bias bound the arm seams and hand stitched the hem. Here’s the inside for those who are interested in such things:

Here’s the back:


















The keyhole back opening is pretty and easy but makes for a dress which is a little tricky for her to get on and off on here own. Difficult when she’s still swimming every day at school.

The ribbon detail wasn’t hard at all although I really wish I’d started that left hand ribbon closer to the centre. it is supposed to look like water running down so I wish the four ribbons started closer then gradually got wider towards the hem.

Oh and I made the leggings, too. The Oliver+s Playtime pattern. In purple. Gosh I’m so on task with this SWAP thing.

I did manage to get some modelled pics, somewhat reluctantly. I tried to make myself stop using the auto mode on the camera but that might not have been a good idea!

The weird hunchback pose:


















The scary alien pose:



















The Snoop Doggydog pose:


















The I forgot which side my heart is on pose:


















Golly, who knew modelling was such hard work:


We both like this dress. I am delighted to have found a modification and pattern adaption which means I will almost certainly make it again.

Pattern: Oiver+s Croquet dress
Fabric: Shot cotton outer, recycled sheet lining. Polyester organza ribbons


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  1. This is beautiful! I know what you mean about buying a pattern so you won’t regret not having it later! That is why I have so many patterns now. I look at it as “my collection.” Woohoo, lots of vintage patterns one day for my girls to appreciate too. I love the purple fabrics.
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