I’m Suzie Evason and No Moa is my blog. You can also find me as Floosygirl on Flickr.

It’s taken me a long time to realise it but I’m absolutely passionate about creating funky, colourful, original hand-crafted clothing. I started by making simple things for my daughter on an old Bernina sewing machine from the eighties.
One thing led to another and now I have devoted a whole room to be a sewing studio and my fabric creations are worn far and wide.

The internet has been truly inspiring for me. Every day my skills and confidence are boosted by the help, experience, patience, friendship and alternative perspectives I have found at numerous forums and blogs. I hope some people can find something interesting here and this blog can go some way to repaying the on-line kindness I have received.

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  1. dear Suzie,

    my name is Simone Caspritz and i`m writing you from Bonn,Germany.
    i just found your blog while browsing the internet for sew stuff in Whangarei..
    i´m sewing myself and i use a lot of patterns from Farbenmix just like you so i was drawn to the pic. on your blog …great work..

    now you might wonder why i contact you….
    its because we hopefully will soon move to Whangarei cause my husband will start working there in Dec.
    about myself i´m 36 and love sewing i have a little blog katinkabohnenstroh
    and started selling birthday shirts, bags, skirts and well all the stuff mum`s and kid`s need.
    we have to 2 kids a girl Lilou 5 yr. and Leo 6 weeks…..
    so i guess thats a lot info from a stranger…
    really hope to hear from you
    regards from germany

    • Hi Mone,
      Congratulations on your decision to move to Whangarei! It’s a fantasic place to bring up children. When are you going to move? There are a number of different nationalities living here, including German, and the local government runs a settlement support programme to help new migrants. The link is here. The beaches are amazing, the weather usually mild and the people friendly.
      It will be very exciting to have someone else in Whangarei who even has heard of Farbenmix. I’m really looking forward to meet you.

  2. oh that sound great we know of two other doctors from gemany in Whangarei which my husband will meet when he comes over on the 29.7.
    we don´t know where we will stay but the hospital will provide a house for the first 6 weeks….

    • Hi, 29/7 is really soon! Will you come at the same time? I am also a doctor and know quite a few German doctors, too. Wouldn’t it be funny if we knew the same ones!

  3. wow how funny….i have to stay in germany with little Leo just 8 weeks old and our daughter but if everything works out we hope to be there by dec.
    Thomas has only had contact with the german doc. via phone so we all haven´t meet in real life and he is pretty exited to meet his new colleagues and see the hospital and the town.Thomas is general physician and gastroenterologist and you? wow this is realy funny…do work at the hospital?

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