Ottobre pants

Ottobre pants from magazine 3/2012. #36 “Street Gear”.

I love all the details on these pants – especially the knee piece. There’s also a welt pocket, lots of topstitching and a more grown up looking flat front waistband.

Lucas chose some of the sneakers fabric I used to make his school bag an age ago. It came from Crafty Mamas, of course. The denim was an Op Shop find.














I love those knee pintucks and they weren’t as hard to do as I was expecting. Now, can you see that seam that hits around mid thigh? Well that’s not supposed to be there. Unfortunately, although the 152 size fits him well width wise it seemed to come out too long so that the stylin’ knee bit didn’t hit at the knee. It was more like mid calf. It bothered Lucas and I could see where he was coming from so we did a bit of a hack. I simply pinched out a few centimetres each side and made an extra seam. I’m hoping it doesn’t look too weird.

The back I’m a bit disappointed in too. I much prefer a yoke for a little more shaping.














Here’s them on Lucas:


Pattern: Ottobre 3/2012 #36 Street Gear.
Fabric: Denim and ‘sneakers’ from Crafty Mamas.


Oliver + s School Photo dress

I have to confess I made this entirely for my own gratification. It’s not really Elsa’s style and there’s only a little of Winter left so she didn’t really need another warm dress.

But there was this incredible dress on flickr that was featured on the Oliver + s blog with a tutorial so I was just itching to have a go. In fact I only bought this pattern to try this modifiction I though it was so amazing.

Now the dress is made I really do like the style and Elsa seems happy to wear it so maybe it was worth it after all.

I tried really hard on making the inside as lovely as the outside. I love the results and I think I’m now hooked! I hand sewed the arm lining to the bodice to hide the sleeve seam which is even above and beyond the oliver + s finish.

This is my invisible zipper insertion. I went to the shop to get the foot but baulked at paying over $80. I figured I’d find a way to do it. I did! Instead I used the embroidery foot #20 for my Bernina. I lined up the edge of the zip with the inside of the foot and moved the needle over a few notches so it landed just beside the the zipper teeth. The Oliver + s tip to iron the zipper flat before you start was really useful.

It took three trials and two zips before I figured this technique out.

Gosh the hangaroo pocket is fiddly. I guess that’s what I wanted to challenge myself with! This is a three scissor pattern after all.

Hope you don’t mind a few gratuitous shots of my girl. She was off from school sick today so I grabbed the opportunity for a photo shoot.

Anyway the inevitable has happened. Elsa has decided pink is no longer the only colour worth considering. I may have to have a garage sale for all the pink fabric in my stash!

She wore this dress to a birthday party last weekend. I was stoked she chose it. Well, and a little sad. It’s such a mature feeling dress. She’s growing up so fast.

She saved the best faces until last. She was very keen to put this last one on the blog but didn’t want to add the photo where she stuck her bum out to the camera!

I think she could be well enough to go to school tomorrow.

Pattern: Oliver + s School Photo dress
Fabric: Spotlight baby wale corduroy.


Farbenmix Willemientje

It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I’d be completely surprised if anyone out there is still listening. Sorry the tumbleweeds have been whistling by over here.

I’ve been doing two university papers simultaneously over the past few months and it’s been a lot harder than doing them one at a time as I have been up until now. I feel like I’ve had assignments coming out of my ears recently.

On top of that my GP discovered that I’ve been running a low thyroid hormone level. No wonder I’ve been so tired! It’s taken a few months to get my levels sorted but I’m starting to feel so much better. I phoned my GP the other day to tell her I thought she was wonderful!

I promise I have been sewing but with such limited time and energy I’ve limited my efforts to the sewing and forewent the photographing/photoshooting/blogging side. I’m having a big catchup so watch this space over the next short while!

I made a birthday dress for my next door neighbours daughter. I’ve made her a birthday dress each year for the past few years – a Roxy last year and a Feliz the year before that. She’s such a pretty one and so appreciative I love doing it.

This year I thought I’d try the stunning Willemientje pattern. It’s definitely a special occasion dress so I went all out on the fancy factor. The gores make it a fantastic twirling dress and the tulle makes it look so special, I feel.

She loves blue and green. After a good rummage through my not insubstantial stash she choose this delicate floral print poplin from Spotlight. It suits her beautifully.

I used the hemming technique from the Oliver + s Lazy Days skirt to hem the tulle with dark blue satin ribbon.

The front looked a bit plain so I added a ribbon flower from the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love.The leaves are felt and stitched on with embroidery floss.

















The light was fading as we gave it to her so the photos are a little grainy.


















Pattern: Farbenmix Willemientje
Fabric: Cotton poplin from spotlight.