Oliver+s 2+2 blouse and Clever Charlotte Finch shorts

In line with the ‘floaty pastel blouses and practical comfortable shorts’ theme I had going for Elsa’s imaginary summer wardrobe I made this set.

The 2+2 blouse I’ve wanted to make forever. It’s such a stylish, detailed and pretty design. And what better fabric to choose than Liesl Gibson’s own Lisette lawn and twill. On sale no less at Spotlight for $10NZ/metre.















Yellow is neither Elsa’s nor my favourite colour yet this buttery lemon colour appealed in the shop. Elsa was never so convinced, unfortunately and she’s only worn these a handful of times. I wish I had a blouse in this light soft lawn.
















Mother of pearl buttons and my first attempt at corded buttonholes. Like. A lot. Much less ‘homemade’ looking. You can just see a peek under one of the buttons. Have you tried them?


I tried SO HARD to pattern match with the shorts. I’m gutted that that middle, most obvious pattern is so far off. Grr. Do you have a special trick for this you would like to share with me? I turned the first cut piece upside down on top of the next fabric and matched up the pattern before cutting out. Is that what you do?

Patterns: oliver+s 2+2 blouse, Clever Charlotte Finch shorts, unlined.
Fabric: Lisette lawn/Twill.