Farbenmix Arwen

Since Elsa seems to be growing at an astonishing rate and winter is arriving with just as much speed I thought she needed a new ‘special’ dress. Not least because that’s one of the things I love to sew the most!

I have made Farbenmix Arwen before but gave it away as a present to a friend of Elsa’s for her birthday. Elsa seriously coveted that dress and I told her I would make her one too. Unfortunately she had to wait a year before it happened! Here’s the original dress:

I cut into one of my most prized fabrics for the new Arwen. A beautiful Hilco cotton velvet bought from Crafty Mamas.
I imagine the jersey underdress will get more use but I love the fact that they can be worn together or separately. Somehow a Farbenmix Antonia jumped into the mix. Mainly because I couldn’t decide which fabrics matched best, so I made up both.

Here’s the overdress:















I didn’t add much except a few trims in velvet and cotton crochet. It probably deserved fancier buttons than it’s ended up with but the selection in the shop we visited was a little limited.

Here’s the Antonia:














And here’s them worn together:













I also made the underdress with a trial at colour blocking:















And the back:















I think the idea of colour blocking is to keep it simple and let the colours grab the attention but I couldn’t resist adding trims and embroidery plus some decorative stitching!

























Here’s the underdress and overdress together:















Which combination do you prefer?

Pattern: Farbenmix Arwen/Antonia
Fabrics: Hilco cotton velvet and cotton lycra/hilco campan.
Embroideries: Huups freebies