Crafty Mamas Bare Essentials!

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this but I’m about to post some pics of me in my knickers on the web! They do happen to be very special knickers and also the COMFIEST knickers in the WHOLE WORLD!

We call them my Dr Suess knickers and I love ’em. It’s Crafty Mamas new pattern and I believe it is now official. I can’t keep up with this woman. Her work output astounds me. And she’s got 4 kids. I guess that’s what the saying about ask a busy person is all about….

Anyway here’s what you’re all here to see: my new knickers


















































See what I mean? Aren’t they the bees knees?

Pattern:Crafty Mamas Bare Essentials
Fabric: Stella, Stenzo and an Op shop find.
Embroidery: Huups.