Hat No.3

This is the one! This is Elsa’s production hat and she’s so proud.
I just managed to squeeze another hat out of the fabric she made.

Can’t wait for production now.

Pattern: Oliver & S bucket at
Fabric: Elsa’s own


Hat No.2

Elsa needs a hat for her school production that she decorated herself. I would have loved to go in and do this with the whole class but the thought of making 16 hats was a little more than I could handle.

Here’s what we did. We used some printing blocks and textile paint to make a garden design:

She loved it and kept going until bedtime which is why she looks so tired.

It was hot ironed on the reverse to fix the paint.
Then I cut out a size medium from the PDF Oliver and S pattern and made it up into a hat.

Except there was one problem. I obviously made a mistake in the printing of the pattern and it wasn’t a medium after all……