Oliver+s 2+2 blouse and Clever Charlotte Finch shorts

In line with the ‘floaty pastel blouses and practical comfortable shorts’ theme I had going for Elsa’s imaginary summer wardrobe I made this set.

The 2+2 blouse I’ve wanted to make forever. It’s such a stylish, detailed and pretty design. And what better fabric to choose than Liesl Gibson’s own Lisette lawn and twill. On sale no less at Spotlight for $10NZ/metre.















Yellow is neither Elsa’s nor my favourite colour yet this buttery lemon colour appealed in the shop. Elsa was never so convinced, unfortunately and she’s only worn these a handful of times. I wish I had a blouse in this light soft lawn.
















Mother of pearl buttons and my first attempt at corded buttonholes. Like. A lot. Much less ‘homemade’ looking. You can just see a peek under one of the buttons. Have you tried them?


I tried SO HARD to pattern match with the shorts. I’m gutted that that middle, most obvious pattern is so far off. Grr. Do you have a special trick for this you would like to share with me? I turned the first cut piece upside down on top of the next fabric and matched up the pattern before cutting out. Is that what you do?

Patterns: oliver+s 2+2 blouse, Clever Charlotte Finch shorts, unlined.
Fabric: Lisette lawn/Twill.


Clever Charlotte Finch Top

As an experiment I bought some scraps of Nano Iro double guaze on Trademe ( the New Zealand equivalent of Ebay). They were a bit pricey given how little fabric was contained but I was curious to try some double guaze without going to the huge expense of importing it.

Needless to say it is dreamy to sew with. Frays like crazy and a total nightmare to unpick but so soft and light as air.













It co-ordinated really well with the brown/purple linen I used for the Class Picnic shorts.

I decided to make a Clever Charlotte Finch top since I’ve made the shorts a few times and Elsa is going to grow out of this pattern soon. How dare she turn 7! How on earth could that be!?

I couldn’t have made a more silly decision. The Finch top is reversible and even though I used some lovely sofy pink linen on the back, lining the double guaze lost all the ‘light as air’ qualities I was just raving about. Mistake number 1.
















I also realised after cutting out a few pieces that I actually didn’t have quite enough and ended up having to piece the front – hiding it with a ribbon. Mistake number 2.

I then tried to make a buttonhole which was different colours on each side. Mistake number 3.

I’m not suprised Elsa has never chosen to wear this top. I don’t think I would either if it was in my wardrobe. Insert unhappy icon here.


Clever Charlotte Finch Shorts

I’ve been doing a bit of blog reading recently. I’ve branched out a little and don’t just stalk the German only Farbenmix related sites. I’ve been quite enjoying being able to read the words on some English language sites as well as look at the pictures!

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of shorts being made up in the Northern hemisphere and it got me thinking about shorts for winter. I had this small piece of pink velvet picked up at the Op Shop. I also have the Clever Charlotte Finch pattern which I have been desperate to try. Well, why wait for summer?! She can wear them with tights, I convinced myself!

I had to be so careful with the cutting out. I ended up having to piece the back waistband it was that tight. I kid you not. This is how much was left.


Just enough to use as a small ironing cloth. There wasn’t enough for the cute front tab, but I kinda like them plain.

Look at those cute pleats, I love them! Don’t look too closely at the cuffs, I don’t love them. The cuffs were redone three times before I was happy. This was a real learning curve in sewing velvet for me. I’ve never done it with this kind of velvet before. The Hilco velvet for the Arwen dress was a dream compared to this.

One tip for you is that edgestitching velvet along the nap – like down the front pleats- is not too tricky. Across the grain will have you swearing like a navvy. I originally followed the tute here but had to give up with topstitching the cuff at the front, take both front and back cuff off and do them again following the pattern directions. Except that I’d already trimmed the seam allowance so had to hand sew the lining cuff on. Grrr.

I had read that the pattern was on the big side so went with a size 5 width and size 6 length. They are just right.

Elsa loves these buttons.I sewed them on with embroidery thread for an extra bit of special.

They are fully lined following this tute. Looked a lot neater on the inside the first and second time I attached the cuffs….

What do you reckon? Shorts could be the new winter trend?

Pattern: Clever Charlotte Finch Shorts
Fabrics: Op shop and local.