Ottobre Kokeshi Doll

I made this iddy biddy cute-as dress for a lady I know who is holding a baby shower for her daughter.

The dress is from Ottobre magazine 3/2012 edition, there are several very sweet dresses in this issue and I’ve been itching to try them. The baby version is called the Kokeshi Doll dress. The line drawings of the whole magazine can be found here.

I made a 6 month size (68 cm) as it will hopefully be summer by then in New Zealand. I’m sure it will fit foir quite a while due to the elastic around the sleeves and shoulders and would make a cute top as she gets older.


I used an eyelet cotton for the overdress which has tiny little mauve and yellow flowers. It also has a pretty lacy embroidery stitch over it. The underdress is a fine soft quilting cotton with co ordinating mauve roses.

I used french seams throughout so there’s no itchy bits against baby and changed the sleeve hems and shoulder to use bias binding made from the last scraps of the underdress fabric instead of just serging and turning. I think it gives a more professional finish, is less scratchy and I like the little extra peep of coordinating fabric. You can just see the shoulder ones in this next pic.

I decided to add a label so it looks a bit less handmade. I added a little button/tab feature on the front form the remaining piece of bias binding:













The back I left plain:

I hope she likes it.

Pattern: 12 Kokeshi Doll Ottobre 3/2012
Fabric: Cotton eyelet


Zebra Hopscotch dress

Here’s another Hopscotch dress made for and worn to Elsa’s end of term Jungle Party yesterday.

She has worn her other Hopscotch dress so much it seemed like the obvious choice. I had the Zebra knit fabric hanging around since before I started sewing.
















Pattern: Oliver + s Hopscotch dress
Fabric: Stash busting
Embroidery: Juju designs
Button: Handmade by a friend.


Oliver + s Rollerskate dress flipped

I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a discount Oliver + s pattern as part of the ‘flip this pattern’ by Frances Suzanne. I regretted not getting involved with the Elegance and Elephants game last month. I figured I didn’t have to do the flip, just take advantage of the deal…

I couldn’t really help myself and had *all kinds* of ideas. I eventually went with the idea of a bubble dress. I don’t think we really share an aesthetic so don’t hold a very hope of making much of an impression, I still wanted to play along anyway.

Here’s my version, a bubble rollerskate:

Some of the details:


I didn’t have the most cooperative model today so these are the best shots I got:

We had friends around and she just wanted to go play. This a  great dress for that, sweet and girly but not at all restrictive. She’s carried on wearing it all day so it sems to have a thumbs up.
She even helped make it:

Pattern: Modified Oliver + s Rollerskate dress
Fabric: Fine wale corduroy
Embroidery: Huups
Ribbon: Farbenmix

I did take some photos as I went along if anyone is interested in a tutorial.