Farbenmix Klein Fohr

Well look how big my boy is getting. He’s wearing a small adult T shirt! The great Farbenmix Klein Fohr pattern I’ve used a few times before. I think I actually haven’t blogged about them, however. Emm. Will need to remedy that!

We had a beautiful day at the beach today. The second day of winter and it was T shirt weather. Elsa was keen to get in the sea and disappointed I hadn’t taken her togs. We sandboarded down the dunes, built sandcastles, tried to catch crabs in rock pools and had a picnic. I think I was forgiven.

Elsa wore her Jupe a Volants skirt and Laguna leggings:

Happy kids.


Farbenmix Leni

I was searching through Elsa’s drawers the other day and moved some of her short sleeved t shirts away as the weather has had a bit of a cold turn recently. I was surprised to see how few long sleeved tops she had. Thought I’d better churn another few out. Here’s the first – a Farbenmix leni in Stenzo/campan and stella. All from Crafty Mamas.

I got the pattern out thinking I would just turn the v neck into a crew neckline but then changed my mind again and decided to challenge myself. V necks scare me. I tell myself it’s because of the throw back, hairy chested, Brut adverts of the 70’s but really I’m just plain chicken to try something new.

So, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Why do I always do that? What in the world is wrong with comfort every now and again!















I managed it. Maybe a little crooked but not too bad for a first attempt. I feel pretty chuffed. (Not doing another one immediately, however)















I love the Stenzo flowers. I half considered making this a top for me. I tend to wear more boring stuff than this usually.















And can you see that litttle No Moa?! Can you?! Squeee! My very clever other half made the file the other night in a free downloadable embroidery software package called Stitch Era. How clever is he!


Here’s a closer image. This isn’t actually the finished one. The end result was much better but I grabbed the wrong file by mistake. Ooops. I was already stitching it by the time I realised. Full excitement coming up soon on the next project! The heart is a freebie, I believe from JUJU’s.

Here’s the neckline. See how it’s a bit squonky. Oh well.

Ribbons, trims and decorative stitches. Ahh. Now we are in the comfort zone….


Pattern: Farbenmix Leni
Embroidery: Juju’s and Made by Mick!
Ribbon: Farbenmix Roses


Farbenmix Olympia

I have wanted to make these trousers for what feels like forever. Actually it was only released in July last year but I delayed getting the pattern for a while ( I may have the odd pattern for girls trousers that I haven’t made up yet, possibly) but eventually had to give in.

They are cool, pieced skinny leg trousers and I just love all the details. The piecing, the gathers behind the knee. Well, all of it.

I decided on pink because I have an extensive collection of pink fabric and I have a inkling that Elsa may be starting to go off pink a little. Ahhh! Need to get it all used up before she decides that purple is the new pink.















I didn’t have a pink zipper so had a go at a button fly. I love it! She doesn’t ever actually open them anyway.














Lovely Farbenmix /Smilas world ribbons.















The back. I added about 5 cm in length. The pattern has them stopping at a 7/8th length but I wanted these to reach the ankle. As you can see they still need hemming – she didn’t want to take them off again! I still have to add buttons to the pockets too.

Mick thinks the pockets are over the top. What do you think?















I may have some modelled shots to show you soon.

Pattern: Farbenmix Olympia
Fabric: Local and Hilco corduroy.