Clever Charlotte Finch Top

As an experiment I bought some scraps of Nano Iro double guaze on Trademe ( the New Zealand equivalent of Ebay). They were a bit pricey given how little fabric was contained but I was curious to try some double guaze without going to the huge expense of importing it.

Needless to say it is dreamy to sew with. Frays like crazy and a total nightmare to unpick but so soft and light as air.













It co-ordinated really well with the brown/purple linen I used for the Class Picnic shorts.

I decided to make a Clever Charlotte Finch top since I’ve made the shorts a few times and Elsa is going to grow out of this pattern soon. How dare she turn 7! How on earth could that be!?

I couldn’t have made a more silly decision. The Finch top is reversible and even though I used some lovely sofy pink linen on the back, lining the double guaze lost all the ‘light as air’ qualities I was just raving about. Mistake number 1.
















I also realised after cutting out a few pieces that I actually didn’t have quite enough and ended up having to piece the front – hiding it with a ribbon. Mistake number 2.

I then tried to make a buttonhole which was different colours on each side. Mistake number 3.

I’m not suprised Elsa has never chosen to wear this top. I don’t think I would either if it was in my wardrobe. Insert unhappy icon here.