Farbenmic Henrika

My little girl’s dream dress. Elsa has been happily patting this fabric or quite some time since we found it in the remnants bin at our local Spotlight.
I tried hard to hide it, I have to confess. I don’t really like my kids in synthetic fabrics and I’ve had a run in with panne velvet before. And I’m still not sure who won.

I made a Manhattan Party dress ages ago. This pattern seriously has 22 pattern pieces. And I didn’t even think about nap. Bits of fabric went everywhere, including my lungs, and I was hoovering for days after finishing it. I swore I was never going near the stuff again.

Well last night I gave in and made my daughter a Henrika dress as a surprise. I tried going up a size so this is 122/128 and fits well.

She loves and went off to school happy as!

Pattern: Farbenmix henrika
Embroidery: Leni Farbenfroh