Ottobre shorts

I’ve been squirreling away a few Ottobre mags as I find them for sale but not had the guts to try much from them as yet. All those lines just seem so intimidating and the instructions so, well, brief. However it’s hard to find good patterns for older boys anywhere else and Lucas needs some new shorts for summer. We had a rummage through the mags and narrowed it down but when I looked closer at the instructions I had some major palpitations! There were so many firsts for me on this patterns I could hardly count them all.
1. Belt loops.
2. Boys opening fly.
3.Don’t even know the technical word for the type of side pocket!
4.Blindstitch hem.
5.Welt back pockets.

Can I just say that again. Louder. WELT back pockets. Now I could have chickened out and just sewn on some other type of pockets but he had his heart set on this rather loud denim stripe and welt pockets seemed like a pretty good idea. Until about 11pm that night of course.

Pattern: Ottobre 3/10 # 36 Combo bermudas
Fabric: Locally bought striped denim.


Something for me!

I don’t sew much for me. In fact I’ve only made one thing and I’ve never worn it.
I felt I had to be brave and try again. I really like this pattern and fortunately it’s in one of the few Ottobre magazines that I own.
The fabric I picked up in the local Op Shop so figured I couldn’t go wrong. It’s a heavy synthetic polyester mix by the feel of it with lovely drape. Not my usual type of fabric, I’m more of a natural fibres girl.
I went with my high bust measurement to choose size which is something I read somewhere about Ottobre patterns and I’m really happy with the fit.

My son was the photographer so……

Pattern: Ottobre 02/08 #1 Pintuck tunc
Fabric: Op Shop at $2!