Farbenmix Roberta

I’ve wanted to make these trousers for such a long time. They just ooze style with their twisted leg design. Never been so sure about the apron bit and, turns out, neither is Elsa.
I couldn’t say no when Crafty Mamas had Roberta on sale (What were you thinking of?)
It’s fast coming to the end of Winter here. The days are getting longer and I realised time was running out.

The real reason for these trousers, however, was discovering a denim sale at the local Fabric Barn and scoring this awesome soft, tie-dyed, embroidered denim. ┬áIt was love at first sight and everything else just fell into place. I’m a bit worried they’ve ended up a bit stars and stripes but, hey, we’re beyond the 4th July.

We went for the slim version – thoughtfully the pattern comes in two versions- based on Elsa’s sizes and the 110-116 size even though she’s now 113cm. Gives me an excuse to make another pair next year!

I followed a tip from Liesl Gibson here. She suggested sewing a few seams each night and leaving the next seam prepared for the next day. Worked a charm.

Top is Farbenmix Quiara blogged here.

Pattern: Farbenmix Roberta
Embroidery: Huups.
Ribbons: Farbenmix