Oliver + s Rollerskate dress flipped

I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a discount Oliver + s pattern as part of the ‘flip this pattern’ by Frances Suzanne. I regretted not getting involved with the Elegance and Elephants game last month. I figured I didn’t have to do the flip, just take advantage of the deal…

I couldn’t really help myself and had *all kinds* of ideas. I eventually went with the idea of a bubble dress. I don’t think we really share an aesthetic so don’t hold a very hope of making much of an impression, I still wanted to play along anyway.

Here’s my version, a bubble rollerskate:

Some of the details:


I didn’t have the most cooperative model today so these are the best shots I got:

We had friends around and she just wanted to go play. This a  great dress for that, sweet and girly but not at all restrictive. She’s carried on wearing it all day so it sems to have a thumbs up.
She even helped make it:

Pattern: Modified Oliver + s Rollerskate dress
Fabric: Fine wale corduroy
Embroidery: Huups
Ribbon: Farbenmix

I did take some photos as I went along if anyone is interested in a tutorial.