Ottobre slim fit shirt

Lucas needed a new shirt. He’s been growing at a phenomenal rate recently. So much so he’s catching up on me fast. We keep track with pencil marks on a wall and he’s grown a centimetre in the past month… and he’s now only a centimetre behind me!

I bought the Oliver + s Sketchbook pattern. Lucas is 12 and I thought it would teach me shirt making before he outgrew the pattern. Turns out it was a complete waste of money as the shirt was laughably small when made up. I turned to my Ottobre magazines instead and chose the Neptune slim fit shirt pattern.

I picked up this cotton chambray up at Spotlight for a mere $4 a metre. It’s lovely but is going to take some ironing to keep it looking good.

The buttons are paua and I’m really hoping they don’t look too girly.

I added a box pleat to the back – an idea I stole from the Oliver + s Sketchbook shirt. I’m really pleased I did because the fit certainly is ‘slim fit’.

This is my first sleeve placket. The Ottobre instructions were quite brief but I found quite a few tutorials on line which really helped.

Here he is wearing it to his Science fair prize giving.He looked so handsome I was so proud, even if I will have to get used to looking up at him soon.

Pattern: Ottobre 6/2008 #30. ‘Neptune’ slim fit shirt.
Fabric: Spotlight cotton chambray